Shape factor (X-ray diffraction)
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Shape factor (X-ray diffraction)


A shape factor is used in x-ray diffraction and crystallography to correlate the size of sub-micrometre particles, or crystallites, in a solid to the broadening of a peak in a diffraction pattern. In the Scherrer equation,
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 where K is the shape factor, λ is the x-ray wavelength, β is the line broadening at half the maximum intensity (FWHM) in radians, and θ is the Bragg angle;[1][2] τ is the mean size of the ordered (crystalline) domains, which may be smaller or equal to the grain size. The dimensionless shape factor has a typical value of about 0.9, but varies with the actual shape of the crystallite. The Scherrer equation is limited to nano-scale particles. It is not applicable to grains larger than about 0.1 μm, which precludes those observed in most metallographic and ceramographic microstructures. It is important to realize that the Scherrer formula provides a lower bound on the particle size. The reason for this is that a variety of factors can contribute to the width of a diffraction peak; besides crystallite size, the most important of these are usually inhomogeneous strain and instrumental effects. If all of these other contributions to the peak width were zero, then the peak width would be determined solely by the crystallite size and the Scherrer formula would apply. If the other contributions to the width are non-zero, then the crystallite size can be larger than that predicted by the Scherrer formula, with the "extra" peak width coming from the other factors.

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