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Grain boundary (결정립 경계)

A grain boundary is the interface between two grains in a polycrystalline material. Grain boundaries disrupt the motion of dislocations through a material, so reducing crystallite size is a common way to improve strength, as described by the Hall-Petch relationship. Since grain boundaries are defects in the crystal structure they tend to decrease the electrical and thermal conductivity of the material. The high interfacial energy and relatively weak bonding in most grain boundaries often makes them preferred sites for the onset of corrosion and for the precipitation of new phases from the solid. They are also important to many of the mechanisms of creep.

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Definition:  Bounding surface between crystals. When alloys yield new phases (as in cooling), grain boundaries are the preferred location for the appearance of the new phase. Certain deterioration, such as season cracking and caustic embrittlement, occur almost exclusively at grain boundaries.


7. Grain Boundaries

7.1 Coincidence Lattices

7.1.1 Twin Boundaries

7.1.2 The Coincidence Site Lattice

7.1.3 The DSC Lattice and Defects in Grain Boundaries:

7.2 Grain Boundary Dislocations

7.2.1 Small Angle Grain Boundaries and Beyond

7.2.2 Case Studies: Small Angle Grain Boundaries in Silicon I

7.2.3 Case Studies: Small Angle Grain Boundaries in Silicon II

7.2.4 Generalization

7.3 O-Lattice Theory

7.3.1 The Basic Concept

7.3.2 Working with the O-Lattice

7.3.3 The Significance of the O-Lattice

7.3.4 Periodic O-Lattices and Pattern Elements

7.3.5 Pattern Shift and DSC Lattice

7.3.6 Large Angle Grain Boundaries and Final Points

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